The ACTION BUMPER ARENA is the newest project by Air shooter. The arena is similar to a football field, where 8-10 bumper cars (two teams of 4-5 bumpers) compete. The game entails hitting a special bumper ball so that it hits the electronic goal. Above the goals, there are large display tables showing current scores, game time as well as messages ad animations related to the current events in the field.

The ACTION BUMPER ARENA optionally offers one more similar game that entails shooting a gun at an opponent in order to hit a specially marked point on the side of the bumper. If a machine is hit, it will spin about its own axis like a top.

Bumper cars are electric vehicles controlled by two joysticks. Our vehicle is a very modern design with numerous interesting technical solutions, as well as light and sound effects. Each bumper car has a control panel with a LED display showing the game time and battery level. In addition, the panel has a five-inch display screen showing animations. Our bumper cars are equipped with safety belts and emergency shutdown switches.

At a single charge, the bumpers may ride for 6-8 hours. The high quality amplification, special sound effects and latest LED technology will make our arena a great attraction not only for children, but also for adult users.

The machine can be used in one of three configurations: 1) a child, alone 2) an adult up to 120 kg 3) an adult with a child (a seat with a special child seat)

Each bumper car has a coin slot that, when supplied, will power the machine for a specific game time. Each arena is surrounded by boards with a logo of the attraction, and in each corner special UFO LED lamps are installed. The arena is entered through a spectacular gateway with a large LED logo that welcomes each arena visitor with a fun comment. The entirety is controlled by the main computer handling all bumper cars and all game activities on the ACTION BUMPER ARENA.


1 Arena dimensions: 20 m x 10 m
2 Bumper car count: 8-10 cars
3 UFO-LED-Lamp: 4 pcs.
4 Electronic score display tables: 2 pcs.
5 Arena surface: One set, optional
6 Arena surrounding boards with logo: 60 m
7 Entrance gate: 1 pc.
8 Electronic goal: 2 pcs.
9 Bumper Ball: 1 pc.
10 Control processor: 36 pcs.
11 Control electronics – main computer: 1 pc.
12 Smoke generator: 4 pcs.( optional )
13 Bubble machine: 4 pcs.( optional )
14 Wireless camera: 1 pc.
15 GSM-Module 1 pc.
16 TP-Link-Router: 1 pc.
17 Supply voltage: 230V/24V/12V/5V
18 Bumper car speed: 6km-8km/h
19 Arena maximum power consumption: 2300W/10A


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